Onsite Workplace Drug & Alcohol Testing

DSW delivers a fully mobile onsite drug and alcohol testing service at your workplace – anywhere in WA, 24/7.

Our Alcohol & Other Drug Screening Professionals are fully compliant to Australian Standards, including chain of custody procedures.

We work with your business to tailor professional and confidential testing services to meet your specific and unique requirements.

Whether it’s alcohol, oral fluid, urine or hair testing, we can provide a service that best suits your workplace environment.

Assisting business owners and managers to maintain a safe workplace, compliant to WA workplace legislation (WHS Act 2020) is our business.

Call today for a confidential discussion, professional advice and to explore the options available to your business.

AOD Policy Development & Review

The most successful companies have thoughtful and compliant policies that have been developed in consultation with their workforce, then communicated effectively to all existing and future employees.

Subscribing to a Policy that is clearly understood creates a culture of acceptance and support that ensures the key element of providing a safe place to work for all employees is clearly recognised and practiced.

This is extremely important as virtually all challenges to AOD screening in Australia firstly explores a company’s AOD Policy and how well it has been communicated and understood by its employees.

Education & Training

Communication and consultation are imperative components of any AOD Policy.

DSW has extensive experience in conducting workshops, toolbox meetings or small team consultations and leadership meetings.

Many high performing companies use third parties to facilitate education and training sessions to provide independence and professional inputs that may not be available directly within the company. DSW is well placed to provide this service for the development of new policies, the review of existing policies or the education and communication of company policies throughout the workforce.

DSW also conducts awareness sessions for senior managers and business leaders, providing an opportunity for useful and positive dialogue on issues that are specific to your business or workplace. These sessions can also provide useful and up-to-date information on drug types and their impact on performance and how to recognise persons under influence.


Getting fast confirmatory laboratory results ensures minimal disruption to your business. DSW only uses NATA accredited laboratories and will deliver results within 24hrs, usually less.

Our testing capability at these laboratories includes hair analysis, designer drug testing (including cathinones or bath salts), synthetic cannabinoids and other specific drug classes that may be prevalent at the time.

Full confidentiality is assured, as DSW does not store or hold any records following the completion of a screening session once the testing and confirmatory results have been completed.

DSW is also able to deliver tailored reporting formats to meet specific electronic or digital requirements of some businesses.

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